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Redesign of Development Resources Thread


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Today I wanted to add some new topics to the development resources thread but I kept running into layout issues with the forum software.

The complexity of the BBcode used confuses the BBcode parser (BBcode are the tags used by the forum software to format a post).


Due to this I decided to restructure the thread. Some of the changes I did:


* Removed a lot of images. There's a limit on how many images you can include in a single post.

* Moved some topics to the place where I think they belong.

* Used the spoiler tag. Makes a better overview and could also speed up the rendering process on some devices (hope so)


If I keep bumping into issues I'll have to split the thread into several posts.


We'll see how it goes.....


You can check it out here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/153704-ti-994a-development-resources/?p=1881598



I'd be interested in knowing if this works on most browsers (including on mobile devices).

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Looks good, but it's still missing the info on gcc and any other C-related stuff (as you rightfully remark in the thread itself). I personally find gcc to be one of the most valuable addition to our tool set and probably would not have considered coding for the TI again without it... so maybe I'm biased :).


Anyway, I would at least include gcc with a short description and a link to both the thread here at atariage as well as Insomnia's website. Also, a link to Tursi's C libraries for the TI would be appropriate in that section. If you want, I can help you out with a description:


GCC for the TMS9900 allows you to cross-compile C programs on your PC (Linux, OSX or Windows) for the TI. Insomnia's release contains a set of patches against GCC 4.4. Just check out the code from the GCC project, apply the patches and build according to the build instructions for your platform and you're on your way to write programs and games for the TI in a high level language that rival the speed of assembly. And if you need just that little bit extra in terms of speed, you can always inline TMS9900 assembly for the critical sections of your code and compile everything with the same toolchain. For access to the VDP, the SN76489, etc... you can use Tursi's ti99 library, which you can find in the GCC thread.

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As a side-note to that, I would not make the distinction between "languages" and "compilers". Pascal is in the "languages" section, but is compiled. Yet, RXB is in the "compilers and tools" section but isn't compiled. A better distinction would be "languages" (including all the compiled languages) and "libraries" (which would include the SPECTRA2 library, the ti99lib library for gcc, TIM, etc...).


My two cents

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Thanks for the input. Yep, you are right C99 and GCC is still missing. It's on my list and should be there with the next update. Appreciate the GCC description you added, I like it.


The sticky thread is getting hard to maintain. I currently have about 500 lines of bbcode. To get a better overview I do the updates in notepad++ and then copy it into the browser and use preview to check if all looks ok. So it is a lot of copy-and-paste cycles I am doing there. I have to make sure not to copy the bbcode back into notepad++ because it is not the same as the original. Sometimes you have little differences like tags added in between. Making a small error like forgetting a list tag will ruin the resulting bbcode. Heck, not sure but could imagine I am hitting the forum server quite hard each time I go through the preview-correct-update cycles.


So it might happen that I am going to split the thread in multiple posts.

Could also imagine writing a bbcode generator if things get harder. That would be kinda cool.


But yes, still have some stuff to add. I will also implement your idea on renaming the sections and moving stuff as required.

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Only problem I see with the new layout is; if you don't know what you're looking for you have to click on each and every spoiler to find what you're looking for. I was just trying to find the Pascal Disks and it took me awhile to find it (and I already knew it was there). I tend to think that this might make new users (or potential new users) think there isn't that much content, when there really is!


Just my $.02 worth! Eitherway, keep up the great work! I'm here to stay regardless. :-)



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  • 1 month later...

* Thread redesign again. Got rid of the "spoilers"

* Realigned topics and combined manuals with the software where appropriate.

* Added C99 small-c compiler by Client Pulley. Thank you hloberg!

* Added the GCC compiler patch by insomnia

* Many small changes

Updated the Development Resources sticky thread today. Hope you guys like this one.

I'd say the previous update was a "Verschlimmbesserung"(*) like we use to call such thing in Germany. :P

"(*) Making things worse by trying to make it better."

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