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Cheapest pong system?


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prices have started to creep up a little on these boxed systems. I would say realistically that loose systems are still very cheap, with boxed systems adding anywhere to double the price to some systems. Coleco Telstar(not the classic) is probably in the $40-50 range boxed. Shipping will add some cost as it was not the smallest system. Honestly, the APF TV fun 401 is a great model and one of my favorites. A well designed unit:). Also, there is the Odyssey 300 that also is a value.

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What do you want? Just your good old, B&W 4/6 Pong game machine with sliders knobs, or famous-branded, color, 10 or more games with robot function and joysticks system?


I found a very classic Telelude Pong system in a garage sale for 1€. Sure it's "only" 4 games, B&W and slider knobs only, but that's just 1€.




Look around for a generic machine. I know Soundic and Hanimex were the main sellers of such systems in Europe, so look for their equivalent in the USA (probably Soundic existed here too) and you'll eventually find a cheap Pong system.

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