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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Season 6.01: Nitro Ball


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This week's game is Nitro Ball! A futuristic shooter that features different themes and settings like football, war, a ghost town, etc.



Game Information:


Game Name: Nitro Ball

Manufacturer: Data East/1992

ROMset: nitrobal.zip

Dipswitches: 3 lives, normal difficulty

Chosen By: GimmeClassics

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/57066/mame103/Nitro-Ball-US.html


BONUS GAME: 118124215093.png118124215094.png1099790912.jpg


Game Name: Pinball Action (seperate game from Nitro Ball.)

Dipswitch Settings: 3 lives. Extra Balls at 70K and 200K. All other settings on 'easy.'

ROMset: PBAction.zip

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/57177/mame103/Pinball-Action-set-1.html


Only the top 3 scores will earn bonus points:


1st place: 5 bonus points. 1,088,520 kane

2nd place: 3 bonus points 481,580 onmode-ky

3rd place: 1 bonus point. 382,280 Deteacher


Contest ends on Saturday, September 28th at 11:59 p.m. (EST)


High Scores:


1. 5,630,120 GimmeClassics [+15]

2. 5,502,360 Darrin9999 [+14]

3. 5,224,920 M.A.M.E. Offender [+13]

4. 4,221,000 DonPedro [+12]

5. 3,789,570 kane [+11]

6. 3,756,350 Fallout_002 [+10]

7. 3,149,410 Classicgamer27330 [+9]

8. 2,851,440 onmode-ky [+8]

9. 2,654,180 Wolfman24 [+7]

10. 2,045,030 Vaughan [+6]

11. 2,114,780 asponge [+5]

12. 1,897,860 Darthkur [+4]

13. 1,788,620 andyy119 [+3]

14. 1,743,500 bigbee99 [+2]

15. 1,649,790 kojr55 [+1]

16. 1,305,470 Cynicaster [+1]

17. 1,256,610 SBAZ [+1]

18. 1,210,670 roadrunner [+1]

19. 178,980 jblenkle [+1]


Points Leaderboard:

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Game on! Starting things off with an interesting shooter...one I've never heard of before...chosen by a newcomer, GimmeClassics!


I was thinking of starting the season off with a huge multi-week contest, but I'll save that for later on down the road. Also, to give an idea on how many weeks this will run, here's a rough idea.


According to my sheet, there are 14 people (including our new players) who have games suggested. So, the first 14 weeks will be games selected by the players. Week 15 will be a multi week tournament (will probably run for at least 2 weeks.) Then I will go through all 14 players again and end with another multi-week tournament. So, there will be 30 rounds, with weeks 15 and 30 being multi-week rounds.


How does that sound?

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Game on! Starting things off with an interesting shooter...one I've never heard of before...chosen by a newcomer, GimmeClassics!


Wow, that's cool ! I'm excited Nitro Ball has been chosen as game of the week :). Thanks !

I really enjoy playing this game. A lot of things happening at once. A kind of weird but fun game to play smile.png


Here is an article I found that talks about Nitro Ball



Thanks for the share NIKON ! It's a really good "Run and Shoot" game as mentioned in the article :)

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High scores updated. As for bonus points for helpful hints and strategies, I didn't do that in the last season but I wouldn't be against doing that in future rounds. The main reason I didn't do it last season is because I figured everyone pretty much knows how to search online for tips and tricks on their own, hence not really needing to do that type of bonus. However, there will be other ways to earn bonus points. I'm going to try to be a little on the creative side with bonus points (maybe possibly throwing a mini game in here and there as well.)


Oh, what the hell. No better time than the present. :) Keep your eyes on the top post for a bonus, posted later this morning. ;)

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@ Serious: I agree earning bonus points for hints and strategies is too easy. You could simply google for tips and copy/paste them here.

I however like your idea of mini / bonus games to earn additional points :)


Bonus game:

I think you should clarify it a little more in post #1 so everybody fully understands additional points can be won by playing this extra game.

Reading post #1 it kind of looks like the bonus game is part of Nitro Ball as this game also has pinball elements ;)

It maybe helps to summarize the game settings using the same "layout" as the main game of the week. Something like this:



Additional points can be won be playing this week's bonus game........


BONUS GAME: Pinball Action.

ROMSet: PBAction
Dipswitches: 3 lives, Bonus Life at 70K and 200K, other settings on "easy"


Only the top 3 will earn Pinball Action bonus points.......etc



Not to criticize anything...just throwing my two cents :)



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