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TG-16 Season 2 Round 2 DEAD MOON


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TG-16 Season 2 Round 2 DEAD MOON



Dead Moon is a side-scrolling shooter published by TTS. In the near future, a mysterious comet has crashed into the Moon and an army of deadly alien invaders are slowly building up on it, ready to invade the Earth. The players takes control of a special space-fighter especially designed to counter the alien attack, and starts his journey from a futuristic city on Earth, and fights his way through six levels up the Moon and deep inside its core. The ship comes equipped with a standard and upgradeable weapon, as well as three smart bombs. The default weapon is a multi-way Vulcan gun (yellow), and more are available throughout the game - ring lasers (red), lasers (blue) and blaster waves (green). Each weapon can be upgraded by collecting power-up icons of the same type twice, and this up to four times - and when they finally reach their maximum power, the ship automatically gains an extra smart bomb. Weapons also double as a shield - each time the ship gets hit, it loses a power-level, preventing it to be destroyed until it reaches its lowest level. Secondary weapons can also be equipped, such as homing missiles and defense satellites. Finally, the ship's speed can also be adjusted at anytime during the game, allowing the player to adapt to a given situation.



post-34056-0-16327700-1379869517_thumb.png post-34056-0-66854900-1379869517_thumb.png post-34056-0-16711900-1379869518_thumb.png

post-34056-0-19732400-1379869490_thumb.png post-34056-0-75940500-1379869520_thumb.png post-34056-0-28639600-1379869494_thumb.png

post-34056-0-68303600-1379869518_thumb.png post-34056-0-17268400-1379869519_thumb.png post-34056-0-69580900-1379869519_thumb.png

post-34056-0-28808200-1379869489_thumb.png post-34056-0-21195100-1379869492_thumb.png post-34056-0-20112600-1379869491_thumb.png


The manual for this game is in Japanese but I did find a video on You Tube that explains most of the game...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d0HU72rylLY


For those who do not wish to watch the video I have made some screenshots of the important aspects of the game


All power ups and such come from the object in the read square



Weapons changes come from the object in the red square..there are four colors.. Yellow(Vulcan Cannon), Red(Ring Laser), Blue(Laser beam), Green(Blaster Wave)



Collecting like colored objects will increase fire power up to four levels..Changing colors only changes the weapon...fire power level remains at it's current level. If the fire power level is maxed out then each time you collect a weapon power up will increase your smart bomb count by one. (as far as maximum number of bombs is unknown by me at this time)

Also your level of weapons level is a shield of sorts..meaning if your ship is hit by an enemy at level four then the weapon level drops to three.


There are two other weapons objects: Missiles and Side Options..with this you can have one or the other.


1. Is the Missile object that will give you missiles (see #3)

2. This is the Defense Satellite object




1. is the Defense Satellite Object..these act like a shield of sorts as well..collecting 1 will give you one stationary option, the 2nd one will give you a second stationary defense satellite the third one will start the two defense satellites circling the ship at a slow to medium speed, the forth one will spin the defense satellites faster

2. the defense satellite...they do not fire anything but they absorb enemy fire and can be used to kill enemy objects.



Format : Hu Card

Settings: Default



Using continues is ok but your score will be reset.

To get a screenshot of your score..allow the demo to run after your game to get your score


There is a Level select for this game and you can use it if you want...but I would advise against it as the the default weapon is too weak for later levels.


Level Select..At the Title screen hold DownLeft, Button I and II then press Run. Once in use the D Pad to select level and there is a a LEVEL 0 or 1 ... 0 (zero) is default.


Emulation is fine, any control scheme is fine, Autofire is NOT ok, pics are not required but are requested for top scores.


This round ends on 10/6/2013

Please do not post any scores until current round is over.


There will be a standings table posted for Round 1 on Monday 9/23/2013


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how do I take a screenshot with pce?

If you are using real hardware.. then a cell phone camera or a digital camera...if you are using emulation..most emulators use the F12 button BUT Magic Engine emulator uses the Backspace key on your keyboard...that is the default setting however you can re map it if you wish to do so.

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