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RGC 2013 Announcement !


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The RGC 2013 is coming!


Following our last adventures (AC 2013, Musical games expo, …) the ancient scroll is revealing its secrets… Now we now the location of the chalice of the ages.

It has been kept with M’ho, ancient citadel build near a river.

But it is watched by a mighty dragon and other evil creatures. Our hero will need the help of a Retro gamer army in order to break though the walls and battle against the Guardian of the Chalice.

And once he will prevail, then he will bring back to life all those forgotten consoles!

This is for you, Old s.l knights, gamers of the past, hungry for ‘retro’ adventures that the RGC 2013 will take place!

From October 26th until October 27th from 10am this is the chance for all retro gamer to reclaim the prestige of all our mythical consoles!

Be ready as it will be a heavy week-end :

• Gaming Tournament

• Quizz

• Video games themed conferences

• Project previews

• Concerts (Chiptune and more)

• Themed Stands

As always cozy atmosphere full of games, discoveries & friendship.


Please take note that every entry requires a mandatory registration with full prepayment. To complete the registration form, please click on the link below.

Should you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us per e-mail at email_asso_rgc.gifwe will be more than happy to help you with your inquiry.

You can also join us on our forum! http://www.retro-gc.net

Practical information

Registering to the RGC 2013 must be done through our online form. Your registration will be confirmed on the reception of your payment (by check, PayPal or credit card - contact us for any other payment means). All practical information (packages, maps, train schedules, etc.) are available on our website; more specific information (carpooling options, sales reservations, etc.) can be found in our forum.

We encourage you to register and tell us about any particular demand you may have (projects, specific hardware you would like to present...) as soon as possible; this will help us in making the best possible organizing.

For any extra information or question, use the RGC forum: http://www.yaronet.com/sujets.php?f=2419.

About the RGC

Started in 2002 under the name Jaguar Connexion, at that time the convention gathers only a handful Atari-fans. Five editions later, the Jaguar Connexion splits in two: the AC a convention based the retro video gaming on computer and retro-gaming programming, & the RGC a global retro-gaming convention.

During those week-ends (participation only available upon registration) user, collector or just regular people are gathering to play exchange and communicate. With time passing by the RGC is trying to modernize in order to offer a ever new unique experience.

About the Retro-gaming Connexion Association

Founded in January 2004 by six passionate retro-gamers from different horizons (e-commerce consultant, multimedia animator, swimming pool technician), this association under the law 1901 always focused on organizing convention where humans exchanges where the main objective.

Thank to the success of the previous conventions allowed the RGC Association to become a major actor of the French retro-gaming community. Today this is a team of 15 members and now has several new activities such as weekly multimedia sessions, packaging creation, or game edition and commercialization.


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Just to make your mouth water ( and convince hesitant : p )

I'll put different main activities that will be offered in other theme and stand by our participants ( thank you to them)

It begins with the usual JV Music Stand :



A stand on the subject of music games will be at the rendezvous for RGC 2013.

This year, the stand will focus on games Harmonix ( FreQuency / Amplitude, Guitar Hero / Rock Band, through the amateur remake of NES : D- Pad Hero ), Otocky , on the Famicom Disk System , the first music game created by Toshio Iwai ( creator of Electroplankton ) and music games on Wii Beat the Beat : Rhythm Paradise and Bit.Trip Complete ( Gaijin Games) .

And games will also be dedicated accessory to go with Pop'n Music and BeatMania IIDX .

Novices , insiders and curious are welcome :)

Pop'n Music


BeatMania IIDX / Beatmania


FreQuency et Amplitude


Bust a Groove


Bit.Trip Complete


Rhythm Paradise : Beat the beat




D-Pad Hero


Guitar Hero 4, 6 et Metallica



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The last stragglers or hesitant to RGC 2013 hurry!

Because there are only 2 days before registration closes (October 11).

I recall that prior registration is required to access the event and no person may register on site

PS: For those already registered and have a doubt, do not hesitate to come and see the listing of registered here:

Thanking you and saying to yourself soon!


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