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ColecoVison Pong/Computer Space Boxset / RESERVATIONS!


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I was really not sure how this Boxset would be received by the folks here

Seems like Kiwi and I did the right choice after all


Including the roms files right on the release is also something new for us

This is kind of test if you know what I mean ;)

Funny and weird thing is that this is really similar to the current generation consoles (downloadable contents)


I hope people will enjoy this release as much as we have making it :)

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I'm seriously torn here.

I run www.computerspacefan.com so you would think I should totally get one of these.

But I don't have a ColecoVision so it would just collect dust on my shelf.


So confused as to what to do.



Your website has been SO MUCH usefull, you're even credited!


FREE copy for you sir!

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The main idea was to pay tribute and respect to Bushnell, Dabney and Alcorn


And two those 2 awesome Arcade games! :cool:


Wish I had a Computer Space here in my living room....

It is a great project...very nice you will try and get copies to them as well ;)


I wish I had a computer space as well...still my most wanted item...I have missed getting one so many times :P


I do have a mint pong cabinet I am in love with but it sooo needs its computer space partner by its side....some day it will happen :)



Mentioning porting other pre-rom arcades...I always loved that coleco had a port of Death race made, it would be great if you guys did a polished up release with nice arcade box and etc.

Pairing it with another exidy game like you ae with these 2 would be cool too. Destruction Derby was like the predecessor to Death Race those would make a nice pair.


The other great thing about you guys doing any exidy games is that Pete Kauffman already put the exidy library into the public domain!

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The Exidy title I want the more is Chiller

But we need to figured it out a way to make the CV Gun before...... And the spinner!


Chiller, what a gruesome frigging game! If you can pack a gun in with it, I'm sold!


PS Put me down for # 45 on the box set.

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