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CollectorVision Cart Only! / Reservation List


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Here is your chance to buy cartridge only of our games

We will produce a small batch of cartridges for some of our games


Reserve your cartridge(s) now!

You don't have to pay until your cartridge(s) are ready to ship!

Will be ready to ship in November


You can make your selection from the list here

Just post here the list of cartridge(s) you want and we will contact you when time come


ALL cartridges have a different label than their CIB releases



1 cartridge: $35

3 cartridges: $100

5 cartridges: $160







- Pong

- Computer Space

- RollerBall (Opcode SuperGame Module Required)

- Mr. Chin

- Lode Runner

- Penguin Land

- Side Trak

- Bomb n Blast

- Ozma Wars

- Helifire

- Buster Brothers

- Lock n Chase

- Chack n Pop

- Elevator Action

- Zombie Near

- Armageddon

- Chess Challenger

- MTX Collection Vol.1

- EA Classics

- Bugs n Bots

- MindWalls

- A.E (previously unreleased prototype)

- S.O.S. CATerpillar (previously unreleased game by Nuvatek)

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Will you have more of these to sell later? Or do I have to let you know by Oct 20th if I want some?


Also...does this mean that CIB versions of these titles will no longer be available after this?


I probably won't have any money till around Christmas.



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