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Aquarius BASIC .caq to ROM would include IP protected code?

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So, I was looking into making Famicom BASIC programs into actual carts. There is actually a program to take the RAM contents and dump them into a runnable .NES file. Trouble is, I couldn't sell such a cart because it is still using Nintendo/Hudson Soft code.


Would there be a similar problem with converted BASIC .caq files? Would the resulting ROM contain code that I don't own? Or, is it calling BASIC runtimes built into the Aquarius?

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I'm sure Martin will chime in with a definitive answer, but as I understand it, you're still using the Aquarius BASIC interpreter built in to the computer. The BASIC program code that you wrote has simply been relocated into the cartridge ROM space, so the ROM would include only your own content.

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Hi Loon,

It works just as Jay said, your own Basic program is moved to the cartridge rom memory area. There is no compiling involved.

There is a little boot program that tells the Aquarius Basic interpreter where your program is stored and then it will return the execution back to the interpreter. The boot program has been written by myself and you may consider it as public domain software, without any copyright claims.

But the programs will require an Aquarius Basic Rom to execute.


Kind regards,


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