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Fear The Dead (2600) By: Slatterhouse Video Games

Atari Adam

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Hello and welcome to the development page for Fear The Dead. This will be the first official and original release from Splatterhouse Video Games. I know we have a page up for Never Sleep Again: A Tribute Game To A Nightmare On Elm Street but with that game, we have some big ideas and know it will take some time to bring that game to completion. So, to start things off, we would like to bring forth a title that will show you all the sprite work and programming in action from PAC-MAN-RED and Cybearg.

Fear The Dead will be a 2 player game in the styling of Combat and is ZOMBIE themed. It will be a horror title that will feature 1 and 2 player action that will let you choose to be either the Survivor character or the Zombie Character. As the Survivor character you will wield a pistol that will allow you to shoot the zombie in hopes that his vicious blood thirsty grip doesn’t get a hold of you. Playing as the zombie character you will have to dodge the bullets of the Survivor in hopes to rip apart the flesh of him and satisfying your thirst for BRAINS!!!

As like the Never Sleep Again thread, things will be updated as things are being completed to keep you all updated on the progress of the game.

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UPDATE: I figured it out. This is strictly a box design / art concept.


According to the Facebook page for Splatterhouse Video Games this second original title will be horror themed. The first game announced is a Nightmare on Elmstreet title here with contributions from PAC-MAN-RED and programming by Cybearg.


I especially like the team slogan for Splatterhouse Video Games:


At Splatterhouse Video Games, we want to bring you high quality games that you will look forward to see with every new release. We want to provide the Atari community with the best and most horrifying games ever made for the Atari 2600.


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