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Converting .MOD files to the TI...


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I used to have a music file for the TI that sounded almost EXACTLY like this .MOD file. I no longer have the TI file, but I was wondering, is there anyway to convert this 99.2K .MOD file into something the TI could use?




I'd love to get this ported over! :)


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My tool here will convert a MOD into a stream of VGM data: http://harmlesslion.com/software/modconvertpsg


It's largely automatic, you usually have to specify which instrument numbers are drums (load it into ModPlug tracker or something to see). It only works today on 4 channel protracker MOD files. You can load the VGM file into the PSGMod tracker and export an ePSGMOD file for the player I released, but as VGM does not attempt to optimize very much, it might be too large for memory. You can try, my library here includes a Windows tool that will take an ePSGMOD file and create a TI player for it automatically. http://harmlesslion.com/software/psgmod


I haven't released my VGM compress tool yet (though the playback code is in my libTI99). It takes the large VGM file down to something that fits in memory. The two music player demos I released were demonstrating the conversion and playback systems. I was hoping to have it farther along but I'm still looking at whether I'm satisfied with the compression algorithm. My goal is to replace the ePSGMOD player, since I'm not allowed to release the documentation and the author is lagging on updates. Plus using VGM as the input source allows a lot more flexibility in generating input files, I already have converters for MOD and NSF (very hacky, the NSF one, though).

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