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Season 11 Round 4 - Ice Hockey


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Welcome to round 4 of the 11th season of the Atari Age NES High Score League!


This round we are going to play Ice Hockey!

This round ends on Monday, October 28th.

Title: Ice Hockey
Developer: Pax Softonica/Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: March 1988




As we did with Tecmo Bowl, the scoring here will be your opponents score subtracted from your score. So if you win 6-2, then your score is 4.


Use the default game settings, which are speed 1 and game time 7. You may play as any team you choose, and may compose your team however you like. You will probably want to experiment with different team configurations to maximize your score differential.

Scores so far:

Current standings:


1. DonPedro 65

2. asponge 50

3. Liduario 48

4. S.BAZ 30

5. darthkur 27

6. roadrunner 24

7. classicgamer_27330 16

8. wolfman 14

9. jblenkle 12

10. NIKON 8

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You play the whole game (just with 7 minute periods). We don't have participation points anymore. Instead, the top 10 players receive points. So a negative score still counts as long as it's in the top 10, which doesn't seem like it will be a problem around here...

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Sorry for the delay, guys. This round is over.


asponge 24 +25

DonPedro 10 _18

classicgamer_27330 9 +15

S.BAZ 7 +12

roadrunner 5 +10

Liduario 1 +8

wolfman24 -9 +6

jblenkle -17 +4


Current Standings:


1. DonPedro 83

2. asponge 75

3. Liduario 56

4. S.BAZ 42

5. roadrunner 34

6. classicgamer_27330 31

7. darthkur 27

8. wolfman 20

9. jblenkle 16

10. NIKON 8





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