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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Season 6.05: Moon Cresta


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Unfortunately I don't have any more time today to improve my best score of 19,980.


However here are my docking times screen shots for earning bonus points:

(initials > DEN)


1 docking on 2 = 1900



2 docking on 3 = 4200



1 and 2 docking on 3 = 6600


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I prefer to play the much, much better game Terra Cresta.

I'm also a very big Terra Cresta fan but honestly I wouldn't compare the 2 since of course TC came out what seems like a millenium in video game time later. So I would HOPE it'd be better. :lol: Moon Cresta though was really something new and refreshing with the "gurgly" sound effects and vibrant color. A great game when compared with it's peers. :)


On that note.. it took a few games to dust off the cobwebs but I managed to break out the kid reflexes and finally manage to get over 30,000 (the key score to get since it gets you an extra "game" to continue your score).. but I died shortly after that. :lol:





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I guess the docking bonus wasn't such a good idea. Never played it much to really look into it, I guess.

Well, the docking bonus is EXTREMELY important if you want to reach the "extra game" :) Otherwise it's way to hard to reach the required score of 30,000 by shooting cheap enemies alone. If you die even once that takes away many potential thousands from your score for each run-through.


But yeah the score for it (if you even remotely know how to do it) never deviates by much so competing on it was a bad idea. :lol: :)

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