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Sony's Playstation through the years commerical

Master Phruby

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Man he never left...he's been using the same room.


I thought the same thing. Why is he spending 20 years in the same dorm room? Then I realized he's probably supposed to be at home, and wondered if the message of living at home for 20 years like a slack off college student was really what Sony intended to convey with the piece.

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I watched this about 20 minutes ago via a link from a different site. I don't have the desire to watch it again.

I'm pretty sure he's supposed to be at home because someone keeps calling him to come to them (mom I'm sure)

Maybe the ad was supposed to show that if you play video games you never age? I dunno.

Another dumb ad is what I took away from it.

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Judging by the age of those involved in the first vid, they're significantly older than I am.


I think that what we have here is a complete failure to launch.

And son, if you're going to keep mooching off of us, clean your goddamn room--you're lowering my property value.

Way to win at life, stereotypical gamer.

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