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Sears video arcade ii problems


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I'm having trouble with a Sears video arcade ii I bought over the weekend. Whenever I try to play it the screen just rolls over and over. Sometimes it'll stop and I can play a little bit, but then it goes back to rolling. Also I can't get any sound. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? It didn't come with an ac adapter so I've been using my nes ac adapter. Thanks.

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Hello! Just to let you know, the "Dedicated Systems" forum is for consoles with built-in games, like the early Pong systems and the more recent TV joysticks. Questions about consoles compatible with the Atari 2600, including the Sears Video Arcade II, will get more attention in the Atari 2600 forum.


The NES power supply should be good enough. The rated voltage isn't quite the same (9VAC from the NES adapter vs. 10VAC from a standard SVA2 adapter), but the console's voltage regulator can usually take care of that, and the NES adapter puts out more than enough juice for the Sears console. I'm assuming you looked up ahead of time that both consoles use AC power, since most consoles use DC power, and mixing AC and DC can lead to Very Bad Things.


Does your TV have a vertical hold adjustment and/or a fine-tuning control? If so, try playing with those to see if the signal improves. Also give some details about where you are (country is good enough), what kind of TV you're using, what game you're trying to play, and so on. This will better allow people here to help troubleshoot the problem.

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