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Autumn !

As always, time for conventions, trade shows and meetings with a currently theme much in vogue among all "ex - nerd" and also many others who have lived (AND STILL LIVE !) the golden age of gaming entertainment, ALL OVER THE WORLD :



And our small and mistreated Italy is no exception...


Last Sunday there was the event "Brusaporto Retrocomputing", annual show / exhibition of vintage computer hardware and gaming, and I was invited to exhibit a bit of my "material" ...

AND SO I DID ! :grin:

Together with a friend of mine, D.Baldi from a local association called "comPVter", I set up a stand that has been later recognized as "respectable", due to the fact of the presence of some "pearls", not easily viewable "elsewhere" ...

From my side, there is a full-working "Pong" ( Atari - Sears , 1975 ) , an Atari 2600 Jr. CVBS video output modified, my Dragon's Lair MINI-CAB (built this summer in occasion of the "meeting" that I myself organized for the 30th' anniversary of the birth of the most famous lasergame) and a display case containing some of my Atari game cartridges...
On my friend's side there is a DEVASTATING collection of english items, almost all branded " Sinclair ",
including a VERY RARE "Sinclair LED BlackWatch" (unfortunately NOT WORKING ... ) and the 80's age style "bicycle-car-starship" :-D "C5" !


a beautiful day spent in the company of many friends and MANY people which occasionally asked information of any kind...
to the point that I came home with a dry throat for having talked really too much ! :-o :_( :-D










More pics HERE



And it's not over...

Just yesterday there was the first day of the "Games Week" in Milan, where in the morning came no less than
in person :-o
:-o :-o :-o :-o

who kept a conference and made a "tour" around all the exposed video entertainment machines !

A friend of mine, journalist in the informatic sector (Carlo Santagostino of "Archeologia Informatica" ) invited me to the event, but unfortunately, for reasons of work, I had to decline that invitation ...
And my regret is SO HUGE !

:_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_(

Especially after that I did watch an unspecified amount of photos that show a lot of friends "embraced" with Nolan...

:_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_( :_(

for one thing I could say that I am happy !

... because my "Pong", exhibited in one of the windows of the Games Week - Retrogaming museum, had become THIS WAY :


I go to get it back on Sunday (tomorrow)... and , with that autograph of Nolan Bushnell , it will sure become the "pearl" of my small , small Atari collection !


:thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup: :) :thumbsup:

(And if someone would "eventually" steal it, then it will be the time I will call the FBI , the InterPol , the Lieutenant Columbo , Angela Lansbury and Ellery Queen ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :spidey: :spidey: :spidey: :spidey: :spidey: :D

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