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Contest has been extended one week! The new deadline is 11:59pm CST November 24th!

AtariAge and homebrew authors Chris Walton and Thomas Jentzsch are proud to announce a label contest for the upcoming Atari 2600 game Star Castle Arcade! The winning label design will be featured on the Star Castle Arcade cartridge, manual and box.

Star Castle Arcade is a 32K game that pushes the boundary of what's possible on the Atari 2600. Star Castle is a 1980 vector arcade game by Cinematronics. The game involves obliterating a series of defenses orbiting a stationary turret in the center of the screen. Chris Walton and Thomas Jentzch have created a fantastic port of Star Castle for the Atari 2600, one of two versions of Star Castle developed in parallel. This new version contains many improvements over the previously released version of Star Castle.

The object of Star Castle is to destroy an enemy cannon which sits in the center of three concentric, rotating energy shield rings while avoiding or destroying 'mines' - enemies that spawn from the core, pass through the energy rings, and then home in on the player's ship. They can stick back to the shield if the player maneuvers in such a way that a ring is between the ship and the mines. The player-controlled spaceship can rotate, thrust forward, and fire small projectiles. The cannon's shields are composed of twelve sections each, and each section takes two hits to destroy. Once a section is breached, rings beneath it are exposed to fire.

The Star Castle Arcade Label Contest will run until 11:59pm (CST), Sunday, November 24, 2013 and all submissions must be received by this time!
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Since it is Star Castle arcade I suggest basing it off this awesome looking arcade flyer.




It could be inspired by it probably, but be sure it's original work.

From the contest page:



If you use any copyrighted images, you must seek permission from the copyright holder before using that image as part of your label. Likewise, any labels that use artwork from a previously submitted label will be rejected. If we determine you have used copyrighted images on your label (or labels) and you have not obtained the rights to use those images, your entries will be rejected.





BTW: We hope for some fresh label ideas to distinguish this version from that other game. ;)


The other version of Star Castle used the flyer artwork. So it's probably unlikely anything too similar would be selected.

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Agreed, anything that looks like the artwork for the earlier game will surely not be selected:




Using the arcade logo is the only exception.



Shucks. I just submitted my work in progress, then I came here and saw this post. :-/


I hadn't seen this previous version, so I didn't know... Anyway, here is (was) my work in progress.



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Shucks. I just submitted my work in progress, then I came here and saw this post. :-/


I hadn't seen this previous version, so I didn't know... Anyway, here is (was) my work in progress.

I think you've changed the artwork enough for it to be considered, and I will add it to the contest page. I've also added some clarification to the contest page to make it clear that the original brochure artwork should not be used, since a previous version of the game used it pretty much without modification. I've included a link on the contest page to a photo from the Kickstarter page showing the box and cartridge.



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