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"The Hunt" from ABBUC SW Contest 2013


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Nice game ilmenit :thumbsup: I figured there was more to it as it seemed hard to begin with, players should checkout the video on atarionline.pl to see what to do. I really like these turn based games, great graphics and music too :thumbsup:


I loved HDM (still would love a new version!!) and look forward to some serious play of The Hunt :)

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There is a problem with this game on Atari 800 PAL OS-A 48kb

In OS-A the SETVBV routine turns off any activated DLIs. Since SIOV calls SETVBV, DLIs are turned off also when loading parts of the XEX. Maybe the program doesn't reactivate DLIs thereafter, and thus the standard character set is displayed. If you have a freezer, try POKE $D40E,$C0.

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Brilliant game! Thank you very much Ilmenit.

Only withdraw is the b/w graphics. It could have been a lot more "eye candy". Of course it has no effect on the actual gameplay.


Do not miss the Android game "Hoplite" . Would be nice to "back port" The hunt to Android :)






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Ilmenit, I have 1 suggestion for game... it would be nice to be able to skip turn also by joystick (not only ESC key). maybe 1 more option when you selecting between jump,cloak,spear ?


btw, could you explain those predator numbers? i believe there are 4 of them, but I have troubles linking those characters to regular digits.

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There are two numeral systems:


- Energy: A star with 8 rays is 4 energy, 6 rays = 3, 3 rays = 2 resp. 1 if in Y-form. Add all values to get your energy. E.g. at the beginning of a game, you have 4+4+2=10 energy.


- Score (at the right edge of the screen): Displayed in "digit" form. Each upper digit is 4 times more than the digit below. 8 rays = 3, 6 rays = 2, 3 rays = 1 resp. 0 if in Y-form.


At all, I never try to count energy or score during game.


And yes, an option to skip turn with joystick would be nice.

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