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BASIC Ten-Liners - 9th place of ABBUC Contest 2013


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Well, this is a collection of six small games programmed in ATARI BASIC with a maximum of 10 lines.

It shows the power of ATARI BASIC.

Games are quite simple, but remember: only 10 lines.


1) Box1ng by 1NG (Forum member http://atariage.com/forums/user/31072-1ng/)

requires 2 player with 2 joysticks

Punch your opponent! You have the opportunity to punch your opponent and to defend the others strikes. Game ends when one player lost all his energy.


2) Death Race without Jason Stathem by thorsten_guenther (Forum member http://atariage.com/forums/user/18739-thorsten-gunther/)

1 Player, 1 Joystick

Drive as far as possible! Street becomes increasingly narrow.


3) Heißer Draht by seaman

1 Player, 1 special controller

Guide the wire to the goal! For this game you need a little hardware in the form of a "hot wire ": An illustration can be found on http://www.looser-company.de/seite34.html


4) Moonlander by STD (Forum member http://atariage.com/forums/user/19578-stefand/)

1 Player, 1 Joystick

Land your LEM on the moon! Full featured Lunar Lander game in 10 lines.


5) Perfect Pitch by Bunsen (me)

4 Player, 2 pairs of paddles

Guess the right tone! In the beginning you hear a tone. This sound every player needs to remember. It is the target tone that has to be set using the paddles. If you turn the paddle to the left the tone becomes deeper and higher to the right. The sounds of all four players play simultaneously on the four audio channels of Pokey.


6) Catch the X by Sleepy (Forum member http://atariage.com/forums/user/18285-sleepy/)

2 Player, 1 pair of paddles

One player plays the empty circle and the other the solid circle. Both player try to catch the X first. The control is unusual. First you can steer your circle left and right, once you have pushed the button you can steer up and down. Pushing again means you can steer left and right again.


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Thanks, cliffh. It wasn't easy to put all features in those 10 lines. Here is the "manual" of my little game Moonlander:


Use joystick to accelerate/brake lander, which costs fuel. To land, both legs of the lander must simultaneously touch surface and speed must not too high. If the text background color is pink/purple, you're sinking too fast to land. If it's green (on real PAL ATARI, maybe blue/turquoise on emulator/NTSC), your horizontal speed is zero. Shields allow surface collisions (one pixel per shield). After each successful landing, you get remaining fuel plus a bonus as points, and the game continues with a new try. Next level begins every 100 points. In higher levels, there are less shields, less fuel, or the fuel and the text color hints aren't displayed any more, which also makes the game faster:


Points      0  100  200  300  400  500  600  800 1000
Shields     2    1    -    -    -    -    -    -    -
Fuel       80   80   70   70   60   60   50   40   30
Show fuel   +    +    +    o    o    -    -    -    -
Bonus      20   20   30   30   40   40   50   60   70
Text color  +    +    +    +    +    -    -    -    -
My highscore is 1027 points. Edited by StefanD
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