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Portland Retro Gaming Expo Oct 18th/19th 2014

Rick Weis

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we are now signing up vendors! please PM me if interested!


PRGE OCT 11-12th 2014 vendors prices

till Jan 31th
Table space=100 (5x10) 1 table
Single booth=250 (11x11) 3 tables
Double booth=500 (11x22) 6 tables
Triple booth=750 (11x33) 10 tables
Mega booth=1000 (11x44 or 22 x22) 12 tables
Super Mega booth=1500 (30x30) 20 tables

Till September 7th
Table space=100
Single booth=275
Double booth=550
Triple booth=825
Mega booth=1100
Super Mega booth=1650

after September 7th
Table space=125
Single booth=300
Double booth=600
Triple booth=900
Mega booth=1200
Super Mega booth=1800

parking 30.00 single spot 60.00 double spot

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This is going to be an amazing show with some of the best selections of product you could think of. Also, I am happy to announce that I will have debuting a homebrew 2600 title there with deluxe packaging at the show. The game Game Panic(programmed by AA member theloon) is a throwback and homage to classic game & watch gameplay. I am planning to have 43 boxed(cases like CGE adventures)games with inst, a bonus DVD(Atari collecting video from my Nuts and Bolts DVD series) for the show.


some details about the game



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