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The MOUSE TRAP High Score Competition has STARTED! Nov. 10-30 2013


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Welcome to the Mouse Trap High Score Competition!

November 10 through 30 2013

Prizes to be awarded to the top scoring participants including custom Mouse Trap embroidered patches , and a special CBS Mouse Trap reissue prototype box to the top scoring player!



This unusual maze game puts you in control of a mouse who must be guided through a labyrinth of doors and corridors. As it foes, the mouse eats cheese bits and tries to avoid the ravenous cats. At times, the mouse can transform into a dog and go after the cats! A secret tunnel also provides escape. And you can even open or close groups of doors to change the maze and get the mouse through.



Official Rules and Prizes




High Score on Skill Level 1

Competition is for the top scores for the Intellivision release of Mouse Trap
Game can be played on original Intellivision consoles or Emulation on PC
Players can submit a photo or screen capture or a video of the top score
Players must submit their top score on the official entry form on this website
Players are encouraged to use an online photo service to submit entry photos
Entry into competition does not guarantee a prize
The competition starts on November 10 2013 and ends on November 30 2013
Any entries after November 30 2013 will not be entered
Winner's name and address must be made available for receiving prizes
Competition is for high score only, no certain board needs to be reached
No other console or arcade versions of Mouse Trap will be entered
No charge required for any prizes given
Have fun!


The top 5 scores will receive a custom embroidered Mouse Trap patch
The HIGHEST scoring player will receive the patch AND a special CBS Mouse Trap Prototype box
May the best player win!

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It's on. Any level?


Start on level 1, but if you get bored bump it up I guess? Top score wins! Lets have fun with it. But if someone get a higher score than you playing level 1 and you play level 4, thats on you buddy! And vica versa........sound good?

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It has started right now, whatever time zone you live in........it will end when all time zones have ended with Nov 30.

What console? sylvamia, tandy? intv 1, intv 2, , super pro, system 3, and for emulators which emulator?

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Now I can't have Scalpel taking my grand prize away ;-)



Notice the absence of "Game Over" on the screen. I have it on pause cause my hands are so tired from killing this game so hard :grin:


I'll resume after a quick break...



You're killing me !!!! lol

I don't have enough time to play now :) Please, stop playing lollll


Seriously, great great score ^^

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