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The MOUSE TRAP High Score Competition has STARTED! Nov. 10-30 2013


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Jason, one word to sum it up.....incredible! no, awesome.....or amazing! and.....sensational!

Oh, stop it :roll: Thank you, though. I just found my groove and stuck with the plan. As long as I was earning bones and lives faster than using them it was just a matter of endurance. The game difficulty (at least on level 1) pretty much plateaus at a certain point. Still difficult, but not impossible.


Now watch me get my butt kicked on Carol vs Ghost :grin:

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For those interested.....since the Mouse Trap remaining lives counter can only handle 2 digits, it uses special characters for numbers greater than 99. This makes for some funny emoticon pics like <3, which I believe is a heart :love:


I made a chart to show the symbols I made it though:


Mouse Trap Lives Remaining (Key)


When I finally quit playing I had ?4, or 154 lives remaining. The use of these symbols for lives remaining makes me think that they may have used a similar notation for scores higher than 99,999,999, so :0,000,000 would be 100,000,000. If this is true, then I might have been playing for a loooong time before hitting any sort of kill screen :woozy:




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Long overdue, but I finally received my Mouse Trap HSC winnings:


Mouse Trap HSC (First Prize)


Pictured are my Mouse Trap Patch, the Prototype Box, a Mouse Trap Reissue overlay, and......Hey, how'd that other thing get in there? :grin:


Thanks again to Rev for hosting the competition. Hopefully it was the first of many *cough* Tron! *cough* ;-)

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