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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Season 6.08: Vanguard


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This game is a horizontal and vertical scrolling shooter with four buttons that let you shoot in four different directions. In addition to shooting enemies, you can drive your ship through an "energy" pod that energizes your ship allowing you to crash into enemies without being destroyed.


Game Information:


Game Name: Vanguard

Manufactured By: SNK/Centuri/1981

Dipswitches: 3 lives. Bonus life at 10K (didn't see a dipswitch, so that should be automatic.)

ROMset: vanguard.zip or vanguardc.zip

Chosen By: mr. toast

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/58281/mame103/Vanguard-SNK.html


High Scores:


1. 68,120 Deteacher [+15]

2. 66,910 onmode-ky [+14]

3. 49,780 kane [+13]

4. 47,800 GimmeClassics [+12]

5. 38,200 Fallout_002 [+11]

6. 33,290 Cynicaster [+10]

7. 32,320 M.A.M.E. Offender [+9]

8. 24,170 Darrin9999 [+8]

9. 9,570 darthkur [+7]

10. 7,200 roadrunner [+6]

11. 6,760 DonPedro [+5]

12. 6,000 S.BAZ [+4]

13. 4,390 jblenkle [+3]



Points Leaderboard:


Coming soon!

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65,400 (see Edit). I first played this a couple of years ago, when it released as a Mini for the PSP/PS3. Before that, I first heard of it only in 2004 or 2005, around when a press release by Jakks Pacific announced that they had licensed the game, and a few others from SNK's early days, for an SNK TV Games plug-n-play system (one that was never released and, to my knowledge, never even got as far as actually being worked on by a developer). While I personally had no experience with the game at that time, a coworker of mine reminisced about how it was one of his favorites back in the day.


Fun game, but I wish it didn't jump to the next environment so abruptly.




Edit: I played a bit more: 66,910. Still not enough to catch Deteacher, darn it!



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