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Season 7 Round 7 - Pitfall II - Lost Caverns


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I have to say I just love this game! Never played the CV version until now. it is almost identical to the 2600 version, which I slightly prefer because of the colors and the way Harry looks! also I am just partial to that system I guess.


I think more than anything else, my discovery of Pitfall II got me back into gaming after about a 15 year hiatus! Even after I finally got the max score the music was still happily in my head & I kept playing, timing myself for speed-runs to the finish, disregarding score. I would have moved on to max-score speed-runs but i did finally burn out on it for the time & then started crakking out on old-skool games!


One thing Pitfall! still has over Pitfall II though: the timer. I wish this one had a timer on the screen for speed-run competition.

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