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TI-99 Photos Thread! Post your systems here!


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So heres my breadboard style TI. The case was ruined, so I built a 70s style breadboard for it. Still have to cut down the oversize heat sink for it, a few other things but... eh, playing Munch Man on this is pretty fun :) I do have an all original perfect later model, the grey one, ill un box it and snag a picture later on.







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Yeah, it's a work of art. I bet he could get a real nice Plexiglas cover made for it.


Dont worry, I have the plexi to make the cover. I cant get dust on this tech "work of art" :) but yeah, making a plexi cover to go over this is the only way that i can think of displaying it.


oh and yeah, heres my later model TI.



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I picked up this beige one off craigslist for only 20 bucks. Perfect condition and the box is pretty fair too.


I still plan on picking up an earlier black model, I just prefer their looks more. Would be fun to see them next to eachother, displayed in a cabinet.

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Yea, I need a pristine example both for display... I have a near-perfect silver model in box, but it is not flawless. On the lookout for a NIB-condition of both, but it will likely have to wait til some cash frees up. :)


Anyway, your naked TI is very interesting... Do the glass cover and display that b****.

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I like your breadboarded TI. You should see the "Hasenkaefig" that Sven Dyroff turned his console into over in Germany. It was the victim of a lightning strike--and he decided to resurrect it using as many discrete components as he could lay hands on while using every single functional component from the original. It was a work of art--and it even worked. look for the pictures of "Proton" on one of the threads in the TI section. . .

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Got the itch to do some modding :P so I relocated my PEB into a old PC tower I had. And since my monitor has USB ports on it I decided to plug me in a little fan to keep me cool during long gaming runs :)






Very nice.


I know a lot of us have a spare PEB or so that would like to do this. Has there every been any step by step docs to do this?

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Would you happen to have any internal photos on hand?


I could take some tomorrow I guess. But I warn you its not all that pretty on the inside.


Actually i take some now.




As you can see in this pic I need to cover these holes in the front




Here is where I put the fuse :P




And here's the guts :) I actually rearranged some wires while I had it open to be a little prettier for the pic

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