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TI-99 Photos Thread! Post your systems here!


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hmmm, so as a first step I would empty my C:\Users\Username\AppData\local\temp- and my C:\windows\temp-folders.


And maybe check if you have the latest version of each Adobe Flush-Player :)

There is 1 install for each browsertype - Active-X for IE, NPAPI for Godzilla, PPapi for chrome (but you know)

I had some struggle weeks ago as they were not all on the same version

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Hey, anyone ever have problems getting a picture to upload with the error "Error I/O"? Seems really inconsistent.


I cannot remember the exact error anymore, but Atari Age seems to choke on pictures directly out of my camera, so I process them on my computer and make them smaller as to not eat up so much memory and also to make them quicker to download too. Try a photo editing program and see if that helps for you.

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yes, and the advantage of a smaller JPG-file is that other users can see the pic if they click it,

and do not have this maxi-mega-zoom where you have clickery for minutes to get an approbiate view.....


But if the pic is too big, I think AA tells it (after waiting minutes for the upload) :-D

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Nice /4--and it has something extremely rare to go with it--the box! I haven't seen more than a half-dozen of the boxes in the last 20 years. . .


What is the serial number/assembly date code on the /4?


Serial number 0898270; assembly code (if it's what I think it is) LTA0880. August 1980?

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You actually have a pretty early one--that is the last week of February (Eighth Week), 1980. That's a really nice find, as it is the first US machine I've seen from that specific time window. :) Most of the machines built in the beginning of 1980 went to Europe and had external power supplies with a DC output, an internal speaker, and a volume control slide in place of the Solid State Software badge.


Many thanks for the data!

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Note the typed label on the console. . .it shows that the system was the personal property of the named individual and that he was working in a government office. That type of sticker was pretty common on personal property in government offices back then--and they were to keep the property "personal" as failure to have then properly marked meant you had just "donated" them to the government without compensation. Of course, even with the labels, if you did any of your work on them, they ended up in the same "donated" status, as now the accomplishment of that set of tasks was dependent upon the presence of the formerly personal property.

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Here is a contrasting environment :) Iwantgames setup looks like a monument, where my setup looks like a disaster zone. There is a little star-wars shrine like behavior going on in the background.


I keep thinking I'll get all this super tidy, and pretty. But this is reality. On the left is the PEB keeping eye on most of the star-wars legos. On the right side, is the gaming PC that I haven't used to play a game since I grabbed a TI this summer. It's now the TI's hdx drive, the oscilloscope, eprom burner, and winter space heater. The PC can access the 40" screen, but usually just uses the little one on the right.


The TI gets the 40" screen. The F18A cured the jitters I was having. Those jitters had quite a bit of travel on that screen.



The little blue fan behind R2-D2 actually went into the PEB last weekend.



The goal here is to get the USB-TI-Keyboard adapter in the console, then hook a usb-kvm up and share the little keyboard on the right. Although I'm growing increasingly fond of the wireless keyboard that is in front of the TI.





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