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Saw this in Sams Club last Friday. 40 games in the machine and takes a SD card you can download an additional 40 games. Almost bought one but I just can not see how for $38 the screen can be anything other than complete junk. But does have a video out. Wondering if I may have missed out on a neat little portable dedicated system. Anybody have one they can give us a small review?





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AA User Bill Loguidice posted a fairly good review of the unit back when it came out here:




Video Game Critic's got one as well:




I picked one up several months ago and was using it when I was hosting the Genesis HSC. I ended up ordering the AV out cable and AC adapter from ATGames as well. Thoughts...


One 8 GB SD card holds basically every game. The unit lists games based on how you named the files so its up to you to organize your games. It runs modded games fairly well so that you can get a prepatched Sonic & Knuckles. Having Blue Sphere portable was worth the price for me practically.


The lineup of Genesis games is great, Wiley Wars is a lot of fun to play

The 40 homebrew games are all universally terrible. Most of them aren't playable and all are unspeakably bad.


The unit doesn't support saving which is pretty annoying, especially since Wiley Wars is one of the games prominently advertised on the package

Sound emulation is not accurate and the games don't sound very good. It's not a game breaker but it is an obvious weakness and will bother the more anal retentive among us.


Battery takes awhile to charge and only lasts a few hours.


I like mine and get decent play out of it. It is surprisingly light and the screen looks good. Responsive but not particularly sturdy. If you're a big Genesis fan it is a cool toy.

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As noted by others, this was a product released last year. It's definitely not only available from Sam's Club. The "Sam's Club Exclusive" element, judging from that sticker on the box, seems to be just the fact that it includes the AC adapter and A/V-out cable. The system itself is unchanged, still the same set of games running on the RK2 Genesis-on-a-chip.


Incidentally, is it possible for you to edit the title of this topic? "Sam's Club Exclusive" as a title really doesn't give a lot of useful info on what this topic is actually about. I mean, hey, it could be a barbecue grill . . . that runs a port of BurgerTime.



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