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help, how to save a minimemory program on disk


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Hi Ciro, what are the games on the cassette? I may already have them in dsk format.


Can you post your saved versions on here?


hi Ox, i checked on the database and i found something ones, just i do not found one that haven't a name on my cassette tape...


there is a mouse and two cats.... the cat must bring the cheese and escape from cats :D ... there are in the gamebase, what's the name ?


over this there is the Bomber game (airplane and bomb on city) but in the gamebase i haven't sounds it's normal ?


more... because you we are ;) ... how i can change the size of the emulator screen as default for all games on GameBase ? i have size 4 and i would want size 3 as default... i working on a miniPC :D



If you've got 32K RAM present as well, you can use a program that I wrote - go to http://www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com/ti/ti.htm and search the page for "CART_RAM/O". Load from disk using MiniMem option 1.


Perfect Stuart, thank you for this program. i will try this too ! :D

i hoping to understand how it work.

i never used minimemory before ;)

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Not sure which games those are although I vaguely remember a cat mouse and cheese game. To change your default emulator screen size in Gamebase press F2, you will see options to the right side of screen, just un-comment the required screen size "video=winx3", re-comment ";video=winx4" and ok save settings.


Now I've just noticed that the Classic99 script I'm currently using had "Set_INI_Value(1||video||FilterMode||1)" which sets Sai x2 filtering which unfortunately also stretches the screen and gives mis-matched screen sizes between MESS and Classic99 when you choose a video size in the Gamebase settings, this should actually be "Set_INI_Value(1||video||FilterMode||0)" and can be found at the top of the Classic99 Gemus script.


If this bothers you and you like the sai x2 filtering on but want to maintain the correct screen ratio then it might be worth raising with Tursi for a fix as I'm not sure it should change the window size when switching filtering on, I know it does'nt affect the window size in MESS.

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