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[AQUARIUS] in a browser with Javascript MESS


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This is like a dream come true. There's a lot of potential here for archiving all that is Aquarius online.


JSMESS Homepage full of computers to emulate http://jsmess.textfiles.com/#


Aquarius is included in the first list, in the 'consoles' section, let's not argue with them.



See the ROMS menu at the top of that page, I think it defaults to AD&D.

Tried BASIC and it worked like a charm. Well, as expected.

Ideally it would accept some pasted text from the 'real world'.


Maybe we can add all the qualities we need to this emulator.

Wiki page http://archiveteam.org/index.php?title=Javascript_Mess

Github here https://github.com/jsmess/jsmess


We should put all the software on that thing, dontcha think?

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I spent hours downloading the 1980s from Archive.org last night/this morning with no Aquarius to be found.

Well, that's not entirely true, there were reviews and letters from readers of some magazines that are now archived.


I put the Aquarius Guide to Home Computing up there and it worked great.



I need to track down my various production files for the Extended Basic Manual and put that up there.

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Very interesting. This in-browser version of MESS ran a little slowly on my machine (which runs MESS perfectly as a native app), but it's impressive to me that one can implement an emulator entirely in JavaScript. I'm sure the performance will improve over time.


Speaking of archiving, I really need to get my Web site up and running next year. I have a bunch of Aquarius manual scans, including some extremely rare ones like Chess and Zero-In, that we gathered for the Aquaricart project about three years ago. I'd like to get those cleaned up, converted to PDF format, and posted. I'm envisioning an AtariAge-like database of Aquarius software releases, including pics of the cartridges (inside and outside!), scans of the boxes and manuals, etc.

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It sure is a very interesting development and I am very glad they included The Mattel Aquarius in this project! Of course a kind of database already exist on the Yahoo Aquarius user group. However as I recently understood this user group has become a lot harder to get a member of due to Yahoo policies. Maybe we should transfer these database items?

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JSMESS is very much alpha, they are porting and improving things.

I was going to start messing with the code but it says "build on Linux." at the GIT.

Maybe my brother will do it.


Aquarius Extended Basic Manual is now on Archive.org.



For now I'm uploading what I have before it gets buried, again.

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