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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Season 6.11: Bubbles


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Player controls a soap bubble in the kitchen sink, roaming about and mopping up crumbs, ants, and greasies. Watch out for the razor blades and roaches!


Game Information:


Game Name: Bubbles

Manufactured By: Williams/1982

Dipswitches: 3 Starting lives. Bonus life every 25K

ROMset: bubbles.zip

Chosen By: kane

ROM Location: http://www.romnation.net/srv/roms/55579/mame103/Bubbles.html


High Scores:


1. 115,090 DonPedro [+15]

2. 106,000 M.A.M.E. Offender [+14]

3. 93,470 onmode-ky [+13]

4. 92,880 Cynicaster [+12]

5. 91,230 Mangia-Boy [+11]

6. 85,100 Fallout_002 [+10]

7. 72,950 S.BAZ [+9]

8. 71,630 GimmeClassics [+8]

9. 69,690 darthkur [+7]

10. 68,590 kane [+6]

11. 53,800 Deteacher [+5]

12. 42,030 Darrin9999 [+4]

13. 40,630 roadrunner [+3]

14. 32,070 asponge [+2]

15. 23,930 jblenkle [+1]


Points Leaderboard:

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Hello everyone!

First, I'm sorry, I'm going to talk about INTELLIVISION and why I changed my avatar for this month of December.


Today it's starting a great competition which is going to run through all December.

You can buy the cartridge with box, manual, overlays etc but it is also distributed as rom for free! Emulator configured is included!


The main website is here: http://carolvsghost....pg_contest.html

But you can post your scores here, in AtariAge. It's in this thread: http://atariage.com/...ition-december/

There are many prizes for all skill levels players.

My new avatar has the patch (combined with a botton of Intv brotherhood) I won last year.


This year you can win patches, commemorative mugs and for first place, a custom game made by the programmer!


Well, that's it! It's always good to play with you all and will be a blast to bring you to the Christmas Carol vs. the World competition!

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This game seems pretty fun in its concept, but with the large bubble head, unforgiving hit detection, and limited onscreen real estate, the controls just don't provide the precision this game sorely needs in order to be really great, IMO. Whoever designed this game and decided to use an 8-way joystick rather than a trackball really screwed the pooch, methinks.

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93,470. Fun, light game (which really makes it the odd one out among the rest of Midway Arcade Treasures), but I have some nitpicks:


- that the grease blobs suddenly decrease your viscosity and make you go sliding around at high speed when you're trying to be precise.


- that the broom is so finicky to aim.


- that the maid seems to not give up the broom sometimes--how are you supposed to guarantee getting it? Hit her from a specific angle?




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