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Question for those who use PS3 as Blu-ray player


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I plan on running my PS3 through my HDMI receiver, so it will be going into the same input on my TV as my stand-alone BD player. I have my TV carefully calibrated for BD playback on that input, and I'm worried that games won't look so hot on those settings (warm, low brightness). The problem is, because my picture settings are custom and not a preset, I have no way of switching back and forth between them and game or standard mode.


Do you use different settings on games versus movies?

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I don't use different settings ever. I prefer my TV's set to what is typically referred to as "cinematic" or "movie" mode, with sometimes minor tweaks. The only time I run into issues are with some first or third person games that run on the dark side, and those ALWAYS have gamma sliders in-game for that very reason.

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Excellent news. Thanks, Bill. The custom settings I use for my BD player started at one of the movie modes (Movie 2 on my Samsung, IIRC) and I adjusted slightly from there. It's great to hear that PS3 games look good on that setting. Problem solved.

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