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Like many of you know, I'm actually in the process of making THE, Coleco History Book..

When I first started to archive stuff in 1996, the main idea was simply to preserve related Coleco stuff

It can be easy to archive pictures of Colecovision boxes, manuals, label etc....etc..

But what about the more obscure stuff?

During those past years, I received scans from other fans and more hardcore fans surface too


In 2010, I though I had enough stuff to start working on the book

I managed to write about 30 pages full of text, omiting the CV & ADAM part (intentionnaly)

I stopped working on the book in 2012 since I did not have enough time to work on it

Short story, later my PC power supply blow up


Now, I'm planning to finally get this done in 2014 for sure

But, I also want to make a documentory (DVD) of Coleco but I have ZERO video editing skills and honestly, my PC sucks!


So, can someone could tackle this project with me?

I need someone who have enough skills in video editing

If so, please contact me now





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I'm very interested. I've done pro editing in the late 80's and pro-am editing in the 90's and 00's (but not this decade).



Editing computers: Mac Pro and iMac. I used to use Adobe Premier but now I use iMovie (seems to do the trick).



You should go 100% retro and edit this on an Amiga with Video Toaster!!! :D

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