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Beta Phase Games - HOT DOG


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Hello folks,


just wondering about their site. I´ve been waiting for over a year now on news about "Hot Dog", but the site still hasn´t been updated yet. They announced a restock of it for around 12/12 last year.

I even wrote them an email but didn´t receive a response.


Are they still in business? I´d love to buy a copy of it...if anyone has a CIB I´ll accept an offer PM ;)



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Would be great if we could buy the rom image at this point, that way I could play Hotdog on my Lynx emulator for Android.


Classic computers don't die - they get emulated :)


So far the best emulated Lynx is PSP. What would be the best joypad style Android for emulating the Lynx http://shield.nvidia.com/play-android-games/ ?




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sorry for the late response. We have actually produced another batch with Lynxman handling the PCB production again, so it's the same small compact style chips that we distributed them on last time. we originally intended to keep these consistently available but things unfortunately don't always pan out as planned, but we definitely intend to get this out to people who want it, even if it's intermittently. It's a great game that a lot of work was put into and I think the original authors are happy seeing people having fun playing the game after almost being lost.



Things outside the Atari community have just been really busy for us lately. We didn't want to just push hotdog out by itself because we have another release we want to prepare and sell at the same time. it's not nearly as significant of a release as when we were able to get out relief pitcher and poker alongside Hotdog, but getting something new out alongside hotdog will allow combined shipping and will make the release a bit more eventful and fun imo.



Over the next two weeks I'm going to try to get my act together and get these out :P have a little down time so I'm going to take this opportunity to get our lynx releases together amongst other things. thanks to everyone whose been waiting for their patience and interest.

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That's incredible Willard, thankyou very much. Put me down as a purchaser of all these things!! I never got relief pitcher or poker either and would happily buy all 4 games together if those became available again too! I'm now very much looking forward to the prospect of getting hold of hotdog. I for one know only too well how daily life gets in the way of the production of creative projects so this is very welcome and appreciated news!

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