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What is a fair price for a good-working Pole Position II?

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Stay AWAY! Stay FAR away!


Believe me, Pole Position machines are a nightmare. If something fries on the board (and it's usually on the video board), you may as well pull the monitor and torch the rest. You'll never find anyone to fix them.


Having said that, I've got one that's been sitting in a laundrymat, on 24 hours a day (with fans blowing on the boards and the 2- ARII boards) for over three years without any problems. But that's just a fluke. I have sold or destroyed many more dead ones.


If you do pick one up, I wouldn't pay more than a couple hundred dollars for one. $300 tops if the monitor is nice and bright or freshly recapped. Just prepare yourself for the eventual death of the game.


Good luck!

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