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Twin Galaxies Challenge - Suggestions Wanted


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This season I started a Twin Galaxies Challenge where the player who beats the Twin Galaxies scores the most times will win a free framed image of the artwork or flyer associated with a game of their choice. Unfortunately it looks like there have been major issues at Twin Galaxies and the website and high score database are down. Reading between the lines, I don't expect the website to be back up for some time. So, I'm looking for suggested alternatives to the Twin Galaxies Challenge or should I just ignore it for now and if the website is reinstated back calculate the number of medals won?

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My 2c.....


The twin galaxies challenge is a good idea. However with the scoreboard down there isn't really a lot you or anyone else can do about it. I would put it on the back burner for now and when/if it comes back go back and fill in the details.


If it doesn't come back before the season is over then so be it, at least you tried.

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maybe if TG isn't back up by the end of the season, you could choose three or more alternative sources to see who beats the top available scores.




--retrocade magazine

--record setter

--highscore.com (just getting started but could be useful already)





maybe people could submit any records lists they can find and whichever of them are acceptable to the HSC can be combined into a master list to be used as an alternative to TG. It seems there is a need for this kind of thing since TG has become unstable, and since charging money for submissions has apparently diminished it's respectability.


I have noticed that with arcade & 2600 scores, some people have compiled scoreboards which incorporate the Twin Galaxies high scores, as well as ones from other sources. Probably this has been happening with Coleco scores as well... (?)

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Thanks for all of the suggestions :)


In particular, thanks to rmaerz for pointing me to the Champow website. This is great!!! I'll use this for now and if Twin Galaxies reappears cross-reference between the two websites.


You can also download the Twin Galaxies database from a link on this page:



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