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What are you playing on your PlayStation 4?


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Finished up the main storyline on Sand Land last night on my PS4. I had a really fun time with this game and a bit more unlocks after to give you a little more to play if you wish. I'm not sure exactly how quickly the game can be tackled as I have right about 100 hours invested into Sand Land and still didn't 100% Complete everything there is to do (Although pretty close). 


One thing I will state about the game is that it does play more like a Borderlands game in the open world aspect of it and ability to just about explore the entire maps. But unlike Borderlands, it is much more comical in nature in how the artwork is presented etc. But game play elements are similar overall.


One thing I will warn to those that might want to check this game out, is to read those little tutorial panels fully when they pop up on occasion to discuss new game play elements. I more or less breezed through them because I figured I already understood the basic of what was needed and it bit me in the but a little. An example of this is that while most of the vehicles basically control the exact same way, some of them do work a little differently due to different abilities they might have. I didn't check this carefully and found myself essentially fumbling a bit with controls with some of the vehicles I used that were forced to be used in a situation all of sudden that prior to that point, I hadn't needed to use it. 


Another area that bit me a bunch in this game was some of the dungeon or interior levels with multiple floors that you have to explore and navigate through. I didn't learn until midway through the 3rd act that there was a MUCH easier way to exit back out of these places because again, I had skipped through most of the info that was presented the first time I entered one of these areas. I KNOW for fact that many hours of my playthrough were due to me wandering in circles trying to get out of these particular dungeons until I finally figured out the shortcut. This is important because while you can't use or take these shortcuts the first time through, you will find that you have to revisit some of these areas for side quests etc. And in those instances the level is no longer as linear as it was before so yeah... I was wondering around for quite a while before finally realizing I could use the interior fast travels in those areas to help move throughout much quicker.


Next up for the PS4 games to play? Not sure, but I did also get 2 of the Star Ocean RPG games around the same time I got Sand Land. One of them is Second Story R which, I've been told is the best of the series so far?


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Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga. Been playing off and on for a bit. Only have Episodes 2 and 3 left to complete the game. Very fun game for anyone that enjoys the lego style game formula. All the episodes are like shorter versions of the previously released stand alone and trilogy versions from the last generation of consoles.

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I've been sidetracked from it for a couple of weeks now, but I'm working on my second or third playthrough of Resident Evil 4. It's sooo good, and distinct enough from the original GC/PS2 version that it doesn't necessarily obviate it. (That was a great thing about RE2 and RE3 as well.)

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I finished up Star Ocean: Second Story R over the weekend. Not sure how many hours exactly it took me, but I'd say it was easily just over 40 hours. Seems I unlocked a few of the nearly 100 different endings to that game as well. I really enjoyed Star Ocean Second Story R, but I also might have made it a little too easy on myself with some earlier and easy grinding.


I will state that the Bodyguard ability is pretty awesome! Most of my leveling up was done by just simple running around the over world and letting the members of my party just run up and take out groups of enemies without any battles even being required. And by midway through the game I was already leveled up enough that all enemies on the over world were green at all times indicating they were easy enemies to take on.


My party had lots of folks I could swap in and out but I mainly stuck with my main character, Pricis, Rena, and Celene. Rena was locked in as strict party healer while Claude (Myself) and Pricis did all the combat. Celene used her crazy spells to do battle field damage and effects. Once I equipped both Rena and Celene with magic enhancing items, they pretty much nearly had unlimited magic during the battles. And with all the bonuses being scored during battle, everyone was pretty much at full health and magic points at the start of each battle as well. So yeah... midway through the game you pretty much have the party at an OP level of things. Still it was a lot of fun to play and some of the graphics are really amazing to look at even if the characters are still portrayed in their pixelized from from the original game.


Now I'm back to No Man's Sky playing the new Adrift expedition. I've a few good starter notes on this I might share later.


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