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5200 Cartridge End Labels!


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I have a Color Laserjet and these labels worked great for me (thanks OP). I ordered the glossy ones and have a few extras.

Would anybody be interested in some prints? What do you consider a fair price?

Also I modified a few spots to cover some custom and repro Vectrex carts I have and I have attached it.

Fair price ? You may want to reread this thread :ponder:

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yea its like people want them to look like they came that way from the factory


from day one i used the old dymo label maker


i say it should look as obtrusive and cheap as possible to show these companies sin of not having a dang label


my big 3 biggest sinners are 5200,sega master system, and n64


ive done the n64 with a bother p touch so they look good and inconsistant i even changed up the size of the characters





i guess my biggest complaint is with parker brohers and their unability to stay with one direction for their end labels

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I've been using the awesome end labels in this thread for a while now and love them. I printed them up, laminated them and attached them to my 5200 cartridges, as seen here.




Anyway, I've been toying with getting the Tempest cartridge for sale at the AtariAge store, but noticed there is no end label for that one. With that fact in mind, I worked one up for the potential future acquisition to match the labels I'm already using. Since it's already made, I figured I'd share it with anyone else who might want to use it. (See attachment below)



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Since I made this video, I replaced the inkjet with a laser printer, so I can no longer use 'photo paper', but HP 'presentation paper' is nearly the same for visual results. Also, while this video was for TI-99/A labels, the same method works for Atari 5200 end labels.


If you are impatient, or on a budget, printing them up yourself is a great way to go with these awesome 5200 labels.



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