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MIST Atari ST FPGA board now with STE/MegaSTE and more


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The MIST board had many improvements over the last few months. The latest changes include STE and MegaSTE support. Current work focusses on the STEroids mode which is planned to bring the boards speed on par with the Atari TT. After that some of the TT video modes (at least 640x480x16 colors) are planned.


For more details on the current state please check out the MIST section on atari-forum.com

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Now that atari-forum.com is temporarily down I need some other place to publish the latest mist news.


It's been months since I posted here last time. In the meantime the STEroids mode was finished boosting the mist to Atari TT speed. There's now also a sm194 compatible hirez video mode with up to 1280*1024 pixels.


The mist is now available with built-in midi and the latest core updates have fixed all know midi issues.


In summary the mist is a cubase compatible machine with perfect midi timing, high speed, much memory (14mb st ram) and high resolution. It never meant to be a perfect music box but by now it's exactly that.


It also got alternate computer and console cores from zx81 over zx spectrum, c64, colecovision, Atari xl, Atari VCS, apple 2, amiga to sega master system. And I am sure I forgot some ...


This is the mist after slightly over a year after first public availability. I wonder what the next year will bring ...

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