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Vintage Computing meetings in Switzerland


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Hi all,


As a small group of Vintage Computer enthusiasts we have come together and

start a Vintage Computer & Homebrewing group here in Switzerland.


We intend to meet once a month with a presentation/demonstration of a

specific topic, and have a general get-together afterwards. The inaugural

meeting is on January 15th, and the topic will be Homebrewing and the N8VEM

project, including an overview of vintage CP/M software that runs on it.


Anyone who's interested is very welcome. We meet in the Hackspace Lucerne (

laborluzern.blogspot.ch) and the calendar for the next three months will be:


- Wednesday Jan 15th, 20:00 - Homebrewing & the N8VEM Project

- Wednesday Feb 12th, 20:00 - Apple-1, Kim-1 & design of modern replica's

- Wednesday Mar 12th, 20:00 - Hacking the Dragon 6809 computer


Not very Atari specific yet, I admit. But the recent upgrade of a 600XL

with SIDE 2 and Ultimate1MB will soon change that :)


More details are on our web site http://vintagebytes.ch/ .

We look forward to meeting up with any of you living in the area!





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