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Opinions on the Odyssey 2


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Despite it's limited graphics, it's actually kinda fun. Personally, I like the design of the console, and as far as membrane keyboards go, it works well, although magnavox should have went full travel, or else made an add-on full travel keyboard for it


I'm surprised they didn't release the o3 as a computer, as it had the full travel keyboard, and they could have added a couple ports for a printer and a cassette tape. It could have went through the bad times.


Anyways, I recently picked one up in the box, and man, is it big, almost as big as a launch edition Xbox one! The box is the largest I have seen on a console, even bigger than the aforementioned Xbox one box. Even so, the artwork is nice, I love the neon effect on it. Hooked up to the TV, the picture is clear, unlike my Atari which tends to be a little staticky and buzzes.


Also, from a collecting standpoint, is it me, or is this the easiest game console ever to find boxed items for? Most of the consoles I have seen are boxed, and the games are easier to find boxed, than without, it seems, at least in my experience. I only have one loose cart, the rest are boxed.

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Thanks for bumping this crazy old thread. I missed it the first time around. I really liked seeing the European Videopac with the embedded CRT screen.


Odyssey 2 was my first game system, the only one my parents got for me, and it was secondhand. All the subsequent systems were my purchases, much to their chagrin.


I hocked my machine on rec.games.video.classic about 20 years ago, but I still like to load up Pick Axe Pete, KC Munchkin, and Attack of the Timelord once in a while on the online emulator at Archive.org.



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Back when I was a kid, basically everybody had a VCS so that was the norm and owning anything else did you no social favors. There were a few kids that had an Intellivision and the odd kid here and there that had an O2 (usually not their choice). The early O2 catalog was pretty lackluster so people in general weren't very excited about it. The O2's stock would go up considerably though when K.C. Munchkin came along and kicked Atari Pacman's tiny little flickering dick into the dirt. KC Munchkin along with UFO and PickAxe Pete formed the the Holy Trinity for that system. Obviously Atari knew this too so they sued it out of existence. I thought this was BS at the time as KC was not a direct clone of Pacman. Another high point would be the release of the board games adding some depth to it's games that was previously missing. The biggest problem the O2 had was not the graphics or sound but the lack of arcade ports because that is what most of us all wanted back then and the O2 could never deliver much in that regard.

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