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XF551 part question... help!


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I sold one of these on eBay and it worked perfectly when it was listed... when the buyer received it, he had the following question:


"Okay, so I unpackaged the drive, and as I was taking the drive out of the bubble wrap, I heard rattling in the case. A piece could be heard sliding around, clearly not connected. I opened the case and found a metal piece that is "U"-shaped, with little tiny black rubber-like rectangular pads on one side at the bottom, and each side of the metal piece. The piece is about 1 inch across and 3/4 inch top to bottom, and a fraction of an inch thick. Any idea what this is? I have looked for a service manual and cannot find one. I am hesitant to power up the drive with this piece not connected."


Can anyone help identify what this piece is? I can't get a pic from him because FeeBay won't allow me to send him my email address.


Any help is greatly appreciated...




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I *guess* its the shield on top and bottom of the read/write heads. Most of my double-sided 5,25" drives did lose this shield (1.2MB PC drives, 360k XF551 drives, etc.) and sometimes when it became lose it went right into the read/write head giving me hundreds of errors when trying to read a disk. It is absolutely no problem removing these shields. The drive, as well as the read/write heads, will work without it. Afair, in the past one of my double-sided drives got "killed" because of such a loose shield. Think these cheap shields are there to protect the read/write head from dust, if not I do not know why they are there. The floppy drive can still function without properly this shield...


-Andreas Koch.

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