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What equipment would it take to get a UK pong unit to work on NTSC TV?


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I recently scored an Acetronic Telesports IV(thank you Ybot). Its a Pong unit from the UK. What equipment would I need to have to have the game show up on a NTSC TV? It looks like it takes C batteries, but I dont know what else I need to have to work, if it does still work. I already tried it on a TV set, but got nothing. What am I missing? Any help is most appreciated


BTW, here is what it looks like. I even got the extra boxed cart with gun accessory!



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How does it connect to the TV? RF, Composite and/or SCART?


If it's Composite or SCART you could probably use something like this:



If it has SCART, but not Composite, then you'd use the above with an adapter like this:



I highly doubt the gun accessory will work with format conversion. Light guns work because the console knows where the beam is currently at on the CRT. Due to the converter, it will no longer know where the beam is.

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I'm interested in this, too; I have a few British/European consoles and computers that I'd like to use here in the States. If I remember correctly, these are all RF. I know of some CRT monitors that can accept PAL or NTSC signals (such as the JVC TM-A13SU), but most of these seem to have only composite inputs. I might try a PC TV tuner card. If anyone can recommend a suitable AC power converter, I'd greatly appreciate that also.

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Don't bother with PC tuner cards for the purpose of playing video games. There will be a minimum 2 seconds of lag. As far as converting RF between PAL and NTSC, you're screwed. VCRs make nice demodulators to convert to composite, though, but PAL/NTSC VCRs are not compatible either.

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