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Battle Breakout


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Hello all,


Here is a new game I have started.

It is very early, but you will get a good idea of how it works.


Right now, joystick 1 controls all 4 paddle. Left/Right paddles are up-down on the stick, Top/Bottom paddles are left-right on the stick.


Press a key to start.


I am getting 1 error when I try to compile. I cannot see it?


XB seems to work without a runtime error. I guess I am using something unsupported?

I removed things like ABS() etc. But I just cannot see the error...


Break thru a wall 5 times, game ends. Nothing pretty yet.



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Here is the latest version.

Still 1 player control, but I fixed a bunch of calculation problems with ball rebound.

I still thinking about block hits. Direct rebound, same as center paddle rebound, random rebound???


I think Coinc set to 3 or 4 works pretty good. The score is kept in the upper blocks and no more debug variables across the top.



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I sure wish I could find my own mistakes that quickly! :-)

Simple code, simple debugging...

Complex code, complex debugging!


Write small simple stuff like me, and your life will be easier...


Actually don't, we love your work! I wish I could do a fraction of what you can!


Thanks for all your help. The TI99 has a great community.


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