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CollectorVision's Arcade Machines Collection


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Here's my WIP Paperboy Arcade

Thanks to the guy on KLOV who made those sidearts!

The original System II sidearts looks so boring


I just need to complete the left side



- New Light Blue T-Molding. DONE

- New Control panel overlay DONE

- New Bike handle. DONE

- New Side Arts. DONE

- New Black Vinyl covering.






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Wow the Paperboy looks fantastic!


Crazy Taxi is a fun game - don't know why you'd get rid of that one.


Here's a video of my home arcade:



Great collection Robert!

Love the carpet! :lust:


I want to trade my Crazy Taxi for an early 80's game

I only want games from 1979 to 1989

But you're right, Crazy Taxi is a very fun game

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Be careful. Arcade game collecting is a sickness. I started with a NeoGeo MVS 2 slot for first apartment and now I have 24 machines. They just seem to multiply, lol! My favorite in my collection is my very rare Sinistar Cockpit. Just love the game and the cool spaceship look.

I agree with the "sickness" part, I started with 3 and now have 85 and tons of parts and projects!
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