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SDK1600 for intellivision programming

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I'm just a beginning too.

But as far as I understand, it's a Kit with small programs to do very specific jobs. Just like the Unix philosophy, a set of small tools, which one specialized for doing the very best way its job!


So you're going to find the as1600 to compile, as well as many other tools!


These tools are intended to be used in a command line interface.

Yes, I also need some help and manuals for all options available for each tool!


For insance, to compile an asm source code, you need to type in your prompt:

as1600 -o NameOfYourNewBinFile NameOfYourSourceCode


No installation required! (except for eventually given exec permission in a Unix like Os?)


Well, just my small contribution. And maybe something wrong here. I'm only starting.

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SDK-1600 is now part of jzIntv. Download and unzip the following archives:

(Note: If you do not see your OS above, then you will need to build from source. Hopefully, though, one of the three options above will do the trick.)



These ZIP files are designed to unpack on top of each other. If you're using a command line zip utility, just do this from the same directory.

    unzip jzintv-1.0-beta4-XXX.zip 
    unzip jzintv-1.0-beta4-sdk1600.zip

After that, you just need to arrange for jzIntv and SDK-1600 to be in your execution path. How you do that depends on your OS. The short version is that you want to add jzintv-1.0-beta4/bin/ to your path, and then all of the SDK-1600 commands (jzintv, as1600, etc.) will now be available to you at the command line.


It is a very command-line oriented environment in the UNIX philosophy. I do all my development under Linux without a GUI (other than terminal windows under X), and so am not well versed in the best ways to set it up on Windows or Mac. Hopefully, some other AAers will chime in with how they use the tools on Windows and/or Mac. I know I have users in both of those camps. :-)

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At least in Windows the folder structure with examples is:




I was able to edit the hello.asm into this:






Once he sets up the SDK-1600, he can try setting up P-Machinery, which may help a bit more. Modifying the title screen is even easier! :P


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