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two discovered holiday programs


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Here are two old holiday programs that I created over 20 years ago, never shared with anybody, and were rediscovered today...on Christmas Eve. :) Hmmm...now, since the 25th is Christmas, isn't THAT night the eve of Christmas????

Anyway, CANDLE was done in 1988 when I was 13.

SNOWFALL was also created in 1988, but I was 14 (so, at least I did that one during a more-appropriate season). Although the snowflakes may not be correctly designed as they would be in nature, I like 'em. I was also pleased with how I had them react to the 'wind' and change directions at times.

Enjoy. Merry Christmas.


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Thanks, everyone. I know they are just simple graphics demos, but the timing of finding them was fun & it cheered me up. I fully forgot about them and was really surprised.


So, start the CANDLE and set your monitor in the window so others can see! [i know I read something like that in a 'Family Computing' magazine where it was suggested to do it on Halloween after running there pumpkin-drawing program]. Now, THAT 'pumpkin' falling on someone would have caused some major damage!

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