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I'm a "HAPPY CAMPER" - Thank you Fred Kaal!


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In case some of you are unaware of how FREAKING COOL Fred Kaal's HDX program is...


This is a screen shot of how the HDX server and HDX print program looks on my screen, notice that it even displays the GRAPHICS in a printed document, not just text!



This is a photo of my 'modified' Graphic Label Maker program on the TI working with the HDX. The printer name is

"HDX1.PRINTER" pretty simple and easy to use.



And of course it even PRINTS!



I'm having a blast! Thank you Fred Kaal!

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The graphic print out is pretty impressive. I do not know how the TI prints graphics, but I assume just like others computers using the Epson escape sequences. Then decoding those into a program? Most impressive.


You might find the next two charts interesting, back in my old "TI-Day's", I made these up for the club newsletter. If you ever decide to get a old-school printer for your TI, they might come in handy (for an Epson Compatible) printer.





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