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video music, school me on how to keep it safe


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So, I bought an AVM on ebay. I know that these have problems with static, and I was wondering what I can do to keep it safe.....


I live in Colorado, and it's very dry here and I have constant static in my house. I bought a humidifier that i'm gonna use, and I have anti-static spray. Aside from that, is there anything I can use to keep it from getting damaged by static? Just want to make sure it's safe for the long run. Is keeping it plugged in before I use it enough? or should I use a ground strap or anything when using it? I just don't want to use it and kill it with static being that it's somewhat hard to find and cost me a few bucks...

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The safest thing regarding static:


Ground yourself to ground.

Ground the unit to ground.

Ground yourself to the unit.

Touch ground while touching stuff in the unit.

Use safety resistors in the grounding straps.

Work on anti-static work surface or mat.

Use a humidifier.


Sounds like overkill. A well laid out electronics workbench has all the stuff to do that! Whenever I work on electronic paraphernalia those things are used.

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