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MAME/Arcade High Score Club Mid-Season Finale: Pac-Man Fever!


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Berzerk - 5900 6790 (updated)

Defender - 21,025

Donkey Kong - 23,000

Pac-Man - 42,160


This is my first time ever playing Berzerk. Entering a new room sure is nerve-wracking. Defender, well, after the first stage, it's nerve-wracking the whole time.


I haven't played Donkey Kong since the 80s, at which time I probably played it less than 5 times total. Today was definitely my first time making it past the second stage (the run which set the high score above was the only time I ever reached the fourth stage, my first time seeing the elevators), and maybe even the first time making it past the first stage. I'd known from the Internet that the gameplay changed after the first stage, but the only part of DK that I ever remembered was the first stage. I don't have a clue how you people can get such high scores! Half the time, I don't even pass the first stage!


Incidentally, I was surprised that no ROM names were specified for anything here, but I'm using berzerk, defender, dkong, and pacman (with puckman parent).







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I knew I could do better on Pac-Man, so I gave it another go:




Incidentally, kane's Pac-Man score is 50,260, not 54,260.


For most of these games, I was using my Logitech Rumblepad 2, but I almost immediately switched to the cursor keys for Pac-Man. After setting my initial Pac-Man high, I went back to Berzerk and played using the cursor keys, leading to the updated score for it. Outside of a good joystick, I think cursor keys work best for games that require a lot of quick, precise turning. I don't think they could help my Donkey Kong, though; hours of trying, and that's all I got! My crapola ability at Super Mario Bros. is backward compatible with DK!




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