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PET Galaga for the Atari 800XL


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In 1982 the German programmer Henrik Wening made a great version of the arcade game Galaga for
the Commodore PET computer. The PET, being more a business-oriented computer, had only
very limited graphics and sound capabilities. So the game is graphically very simple but the
gameplay is great. There was also a version of it for the Commodore 64, which I
played for many hours back in the eighties.


I now ported Henrik's great game to the Atari 800XL computer. It can be downloaded from my homepage at http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/

Here is a screenshot (with the PET font, also C64 and Atari font are supported):



Have fun!



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Very cool!


We all know the Atari can produce games that look and sound much better, but this plays fantastic. Quite a feat with the limited character graphics available on the PET, and I for one am happy to see that charm reproduced on the Atari.


PETs were the first computers I had any hands-on experience with as a child, and they remain my favorite 8-bit machine in many ways. Never should have sold mine...

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Thanks again Norbert! Perfect example of how game play and not graphics make a game fun to play.

What he said :thumbsup:


Great game Norbet; Galaga will definitelty feature in next season's High Score Club [starting soon folks!]

39,320 Stage 8 so far...

You could change the "press key" message to "press fire" ;)


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oh yeah, for the high score club.... great!

level 8 I guess similar to me...

but I guess your score is much higher...


we all know sounds and graphics can EVERYTIME be better...

but here it is not a demake of the arcade maschine...

it is a remake of a commodore PET version!


and it carries a lot old school retro feeling...

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As said by Allan, the noise between rounds might be nice to lose but regardless of that its really really fun, it reminds me of a game on the ZX80 / 81 that was part of a pack I cannot find called 1K Machinde code wonders, ordered it thinking the versions would be rubbish at best but every game was a brilliant feat.


The Galaga looked almost identical to this...

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the capture is included... but there is no special reason when it starts...

just luck...


with (I think it is a) difference:

id you got the double shoot and will be hit by an alien bomb you loose only one of your both ships.

I am not sure anymore in the original if you lost all two by a hit...

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Just wondering if anyone has a link to the original PET game? I looked on Henrik Wening's page but couldn't find it...




thanks to all for the nice feedback on my port.


The link to the original game for the PET is this one (from Henrik's homepage):







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