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PRE-ORDER: Desert Bus 2600 Boxed Edition.


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Now taking pre-orders on Desert Bus 2600 boxed edition:






Desert Bus 2600 VCS Cartridge

Color Manual

Full Color Box

Cartridge Insert



Price is $60 to AA users: (price increase due to box + manual prices)

Pre-order at $60 ends on Jan 30th after that pre-orders bump up to $65.

All orders end at the 15th of Feb.


People who have stated interest/have purchased the cart will be contacted individually shortly.


Expected ship date is 6-8 weeks after pre-orders end.




A few thinks to note:

-We've extended the pre-order window because it seems like everyone's budgets are tanked post holidays and we'd like to get more pre-orders in before we make our orders to offset cost.


-We've scrapped the shirt idea unfortunately because the small run we had made as samples have been disastrous. (We had hired a model to do a photo shoot but the first vendor never delivered our shirts and eventually refunded us after tracking them down. The second vender wanted a bit more money per item and the outcome was not only extendedly delayed but the shirts themselves were just OK. We have the model aboard for future projects though.)


-We might consider selling off the diorama used in the above advert if there's an interest. The cow skull was sculpted by world famous miniatures sculptor of Ral Partha/Games Workshop fame Chris Fitzpatrick.


As for the pick a number give away. The person who matches a the number we've picked form 1-999 gets an uncut prototype desert bust 2600 box. The same boxes used in our shot.


Here's a list of interest/pre-orders, if you are not on the list or have paid and are not marked off please contact me directly.



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Dang.. I was gambling on this coming out for pre-order closer to February... Just blew a bunch of $$ on three other homebrews.... I'll find a way to snag this before the ebayers start snagging 'em up


Either way... Congrats on the release Dethfactor !

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As stated in the original thread about the game I'm also interested in buying a boxed copy of this.


Do I need to send payment in order to reserve me a copy?

I know that you wrote in the other thread that there will only be a PAL version if you have enough interest for that. Is there already a PAL60 version?


thanks for answering :)

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Just a quick update. The list will be updated this weekend with paid pre-orders/guesses. If you don't pre-order before 12AM Sat Feb 15th CST the pre-order price will be $65 till the end of the month, then it'll be closed forever. That being said the boxes and manuals are about to be ordered and pre-production of the carts have already started. We'll be updating this post and our Facebook/Twitter with pictures and updates. Feel free to reach out to us at any time and thank you for all your support.

Keep on bussin',


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